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Tuesday, September 10

Keynote Presentation: Leading in the Lab
Crystal Morrison, Founder & CEO, EverRise; Director, ChemQuest      Watch the Keynote on-demand! Sign up for free here.

TRACK 1 : Architetural Coatings

Polymer Innovations for Improved Performance in Low- VOC Semi-Gloss Neutral Base Trim Paint
Gregory Monaghan, Applications Manager, Specialty Polymers, Inc.

New Development of Multi-Functional Coalescent Boosts In-Can Preservation
Laura Kovach, Emerald Kalama Chemical, LLC

Novel Additive for Anti-Corrosive Cool Roof Applications
Michelle Bauer, Senior Project Chemist, ICL Phosphate Specialty

TRACK 2: Industrial Coatings

Nanostructured Industrial Coatings: From Superhydrophobic to High-Temperature Properties
Rigoberto Advincula, Professor, Case Western Reserve University

Photo-Latent Catalyst for Rapid Cure of 2K-PUR Coatings
Ziniu Yu, Technical Specialist, BASF

Self-Healing Coatings for Improved Corrosion Resistance and Adhesion Maintenance
Subramanyam Kasisomayajula, Research & Development Manager, Autonomic Materials, Inc.

TRACK 3: Color Technology

Impact of Dispersant Technology on Dispersion Ease and Performance of Aluminum Effect Pigments
Jon Lawniczak, Technical Service Manager, Eckart

Where do Easy-Dispersible Powder Pigment Preparations Fit Into the Coatings Industry?
Dave White, VP Technical Services, Pan Technology

Post-Add Solutions to Enhance Color Strength and Acceptance with Additives
Allison Abbey, Technical Service Chemist, Borchers

TRACK 1: Additive Advancements

Novel Additives for Self-Healing and Self-Cleaning Coatings
Muhammad Rabnawaz, Professor, Michigan State University

Nanoalumina Wax Composites for Improved Surface Durability
Richard Czarnecki, Director, Business & Technology Development, Micro Powders, Inc.

Copper-Containing Glass Powder Additive for Anti-Microbial Coatings
Joydeep Lahiri, Ph.D., Division Vice President and Program Director, Specialty Surfaces, Corning Research & Development Corp.

TRACK 2: Resin Developments

Innovative Vinyl-Alkoxysilane Binders for Isocyanate-Free Protective Coatings
Marcelo Herszenhaut, Senior Sales Manager North America, Versatics, Hexion Inc.

Waterborne Self-Matting Polyamide-Urethane Technology
Eric Broz, Technical Marketing Manager, Lubrizol

Cross-Linked Coatings that Disassemble with Fluoride Salts
Erick Iezzi, Senior Research Chemist, U.S. Naval Research Laboratory

TRACK 3: Bio-Based/Sustainable Technology

Excellent Sag Resistance Without Sacrificing Your Leveling – Microfibrillated Cellulose, a Novel Bio-Based Additive
Otto Soidinsalo, Technical Application Manager, Borregaard

PLA- Based Polyols in Urethane Coatings
Bill Coggio, Principal Scientist, NatureWorks LLC

Soy-Based Low-Temperature Powder Coatings
Jeff Cafmeyer, Sr. Research Scientist, Battelle Memorial Institute

Tall Oil Fatty Acid – A Sustainable Solution for High-Quality Alkyd Binder Paint Systems
Patrick Van Waes, Market Development Manager Global Coatings Segment Lead, Kraton

Soy-Based Resins in Coatings
Kris Weigal, Commercial Manager & Consultant, OmniTech International

Bio-Based Solvents: Myth or Reality?
Thomas Rauls, New Century Coatings

TRACK 1: UV/EB Technology

Waterborne UV-Curable Resins for Industrial Wood Applications
Laurie Morris, Senior Chemist, Alberdingk Boley, Inc.

"New TSCA" at Three: Musings From the UV/EB Industry
Michael Gould, EHS Committee Chairman, RadTech North America

Novel Light Stabilizers for Waterborne and Functional Coatings
Arun Patel, Consultant, Everlight USA

TRACK 2: Corrosion Control Technology

Design and Characterization of Functional Nanoengineered Epoxy-Resin Coatings for Pipeline Corrosion Control
Zhibin Lin, Assistant Professor, North Dakota State University

A Novel, Non-Metal Graphene Nano Platelet Hybrid Anti-Corrosive System for Tomorrow’s Protective Coatings
John Willhite, Business Development Manager, Applied Graphene Materials Ltd.

Sustained Controlled Corrosion Inhibition
Chris Barbe CEO, Ceramisphere Pty. Ltd.

Wednesady, September 11

TRACK 1: Low-VOC/Waterborne Technology

The Advantages of Ultra-Low-Viscosity HDI Trimer and High-Flexure HDI Prepolymer for Polyaspartic Coatings
Satoshi Takeno, R&D Center, Manager(Performance Coating Materials Division), Asahi Kasei Europe GmbH

New Ways for Waterborne 2K Epoxy
Wes Huff, Head of Development, Rheology Polymer, BYK USA

Improving Corrosion Resistance, Alkaline Resistance and Weatherability of Waterborne Coatings with Organofunctional Bipodal Silanes
Jacob Shevrin, Applied Technology Scientist, Evonik Corp.     Watch this session on-demand! Sign up for free here.


TRACK 2: Business Strategies

Turning Digital to Dollars in the Coatings Industry
Sasha Novakovich, CEO, Alchemy      Watch this session on-demand! Sign up for free here  

The Never-Ending Struggle – Do I Disclose My Formulation and Attempt to Obtain a Patent or Maintain the Formulation as a Trade Secret?
Daniel Chojnowski, Intellectual Property Attorney, Howard & Howard
Paul Engel, Intellectual Property Attorny, Howard & Howard

Big Box Stores – Head to Head in Premium Paints
Gerald Vandezande, President, 1st Source Research, Inc.

TRACK 3: High-Performance Coatings

Methylidene Malonate for High-Performance Coatings
Mengfei Huang, Ph.D. Candidate, University of Massachusetts, Amherst

Lower-Temperature-Cure Catalysts for Epoxy Carboxy Coatings
Ravi Ravichandran, Vice-President and Chief Technology Officer, King Industries

Gradient Integrated Layer Additives and Coatings
Jamil Baghdachi, Professor, Eastern Michigan University

TRACK 1: Green Technology

A New, APEO-Free Surfactant for the Paint Can
Linda Adamson, Technical Service Manager, Solvay

A New Catalytic Pathway to Bio-Based 1,5-Pentanediol
Kevin Barnett, CEO, Pyran

Advantages of Azelate-Based Polyester Polyols and Their Performance Benefits in Model Polyurethane Coatings
Eric Geiger, Technology Manager, Emery Oleochemicals

TRACK 2: Formulating Strategies

Evaluating Formula Modifications with Electrochemical Impedance Spectroscopy
Donald Lawson, Technical Development Chemist, AGC Chemicals Americas, Inc.

Novel Modular Additive Approach for Designing Biocide-Free Coatings to Control Biofouling
Philseok Kim, Chief Scientific Officer, Adaptive Surface Technologies, Inc.

Quantitative Physical Stability Analysis of Paint, Ink and Coating Dispersions
Pascal Bru, US Manager, Formulaction, Inc.

TRACK 3: Measuring/Testing/Application Equipment

Tricky Fluorescence
Corey Cohen, Applications Specialist, BYK-Gardner USA

Measuring Coating Mechanical Properties like Hardness, Elastic Modulus, Adhesion and More Through Nanoindentation and Progressive Load Scratch
Rahul Nair, Nanoindentation Product Manager, Fischer Technology, Inc.

Atomization of Liquid Coatings
Martin Powell, Technical Systems Sales, Carlisle Fluid Technologies

Panel Discussion: What Would a 100%-Sustainable Coatings Industry Look Like?      Watch the Panel on-demand! Sign up for free here 
Laureen Blissard, Principal of LTLB Envirotecture; Technical Director of the GreenBuilder® Coalition; USGBC LEED Faculty Member
John Griffin, Business Director and Regional Director for North America, AkzoNobel Aerospace
Aaron Lockhart, Technical Market Development Director, Covestro
Mark Nichols, Ph.D., Technical Leader - Paint Research, Ford Motor Company
Gary Spilman, Ph.D., Research Fellow, Resinate Materials Group, Inc.