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Chieh-Hsiu Hsieh

Arun Patel
Everlight USA, Inc..

Novel Light Stabilizers for Waterborne and Functional Coatings
According to the surveys of ACS 2018 and ECS 2019, most participants thought waterborne and functional coatings would be the most important future technology trends in the coatings industry. Waterborne coatings are becoming increasingly popular, widely being used in many indoor and outdoor applications. Functional coatings are more focused on certain functions to make us live better. Nevertheless, it can be a challenge when conventional light stabilizers are required to be induced in the formulation for protecting coatings from UV degradation. Everlight Chemical has committed to develop new light stabilizers to fulfill the demands of the coatings industry for over 25 years and already launched over 15 waterborne products into the market. In this study, we solved the problem of instant yellowing in UV-curable waterborne coatings, conducted research on wood coatings’ lignin issue, and developed a full solution on reversible thermochromic coatings made from UV-curable, waterborne and solventborne processes.