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Dave White

Dave White
VP Technical Services
Pan Technology

David White has over 40 years’ experience in colorants, dispersions and coatings, and has held a variety of positions in production, research and sales. His technical experience includes architectural and industrial coatings, arts and crafts, and plastisols. He is a Past President for the New York SCT and Metropolitan New York Coatings Association (MNYCA), MNYCA Board Member, Philadelphia SCT VP, and President for the Eastern Coatings Federation. He also serves on an advisory board for the Waterborne Symposium, Inorganic Pigments Issues Committee for CPMA, and the Science and Technology Committee for the ACA.

Where do Easy-Dispersible Powder Pigment Preparations Fit Into the Coatings Industry?

Many coatings companies waste countless hours milling their own dispersions. Others purchase liquid dispersions to avoid the costly grinding process. Easy- dispersible powder pigment preparations eliminate the grinding process while giving higher tinting strength and transparency at equal pigment loading. It is not possible to get the same transparency by dispersing in a liquid medium. The benefits of easy-dispersible powder pigment preparations are numerous: zero VOCs; high-speed dispersible; 100%-solids powder preparations;, higher pigment loads than their wet counterparts can achieve; optimal color, transparency and gloss development; non-hazardous storage; organic and inorganic pigments available. Achieve cost reductions through higher tinting strength on a per- pound basis versus wet preparations. Factor in the production time and cost savings, and you have a winning formula.