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Erick Iezzi, Ph.D.

Erick Iezzi, Ph.D.
Senior Research Chemist
U.S. Naval Research Laboratory

Dr. Erick Iezzi is an Organic Chemist with over 15 years of experience developing novel molecules and coating technologies for government and non-government applications. At the Naval Research Laboratory he is a Senor Research Chemist and Principal Investigator of several basic and applied research programs, where his areas of research focus on the synthesis of novel organosilicon molecules, the formulation of thermosetting and UV-curable coatings, thermal and mechanical property testing of coatings, understanding coating surface interactions with liquids, and determining mechanisms of coating degradation due to weathering and corrosion. Several of Dr. Iezzi’s technologies have been licensed and commercialized by companies.

Cross-Linked Coatings that Disassemble with Fluoride Salts
Cross-linked coatings, such as thermosetting polyurethanes and UV-curable polyurethane acrylates, are utilized in numerous commercial applications due to the unique mechanical, thermal and chemical-resistant properties imparted by the formation of irreversible covalent bonds. However, cross-linked coatings are difficult to degrade and remove from surfaces unless harsh chemical treatments, mechanical abrasion or thermal treatments are employed, which often results in environmental and safety issues. To address this issue, we have developed novel silyl-containing polyurethane coatings that possess on-demand degradable capabilities. These coatings are thermally stable, rigid and highly cross-linked, yet will selectively and controllably disassemble via cascading bond cleavage when exposed to an environmentally friendly fluoride salt. Furthermore, these coatings are resistant to disassembly with strong acid and base solutions, which demonstrates their selectivity and robustness compared to other degradable cross-linked networks. This presentation will discuss the synthesis, testing and potential applications of these silyl-containing polyurethanes.