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Jason Kuhla

Jason J. Kuhla
Director, Technical Service & Product Application

Jason Kuhla is Director of Technical Service & Product Application at SILBERLINE, a global supplier of aluminum effect pigments to the coatings industry for 75 years. In his role, Jason interfaces with coatings formulators to create dazzling metallic effects in a variety of coatings applications. Jason has been with SILBERLINE for 20 years.

Developments in Thin Milled Aluminum Flake Technology for Water-Based Coating Systems
Recent popularity of thin milled aluminum flakes has stimulated development activities to push the limits of color and performance of these pigments in water-based systems. This presentation will explore the multiple options for surface treatments of thin milled aluminum flakes and the effect these treatments have on final color, sparkle, opacity, gassing, dispersion, shear, and chemical resistance in both interior and exterior coatings. Visual assessment and instrumental analysis of coatings containing these pigments will be discussed. Also addressed will be the options available for pigment carrier and delivery form, such as paste, powder and solvent-free granules, designed to perform in the most demanding low-VOC coating systems. Proper dispersion and formulating practices will also be explored.