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Patrick Van Waes

Patrick Van Waes
Market Development Manager Global Coatings Segment Lead

Patrick started a 30-year career in the coatings industry as paint chemist with AKZO NOBEL in Belgium. He moved after four years to DuPont Titanium Technologies as Technical Marketing Specialist. During the 23 years at DuPont, his functions rotated from technical to sales management in titanium dioxide and Teflon® brand licensing for architectural coatings in a retail environment. Since January 1, 2016, he has been responsible for strategy and marketing at Kraton Chemicals for the coatings segment and is active as Market Development Manager, Specialty Chemicals.

Tall Oil Fatty Acid – A Sustainable Solution for High-Quality Alkyd Binder Paint Systems
Tall Oil Fatty Acids (TOFA) are not only high-quality building blocks for alkyd and alkyd-modified binder systems, but combine unique functional properties with the highest level of  sustainability. Its low carbon footprint impact due to the low land-use impact, 100% bio-based content, non-food usage and  non-genetic modification makes it an ideal product for future developments in sustainable coatings. This presentation will highlight the technical benefits such as improved drying time and increased hardness of Nordic-based TOFA due to its higher content of Lenolenic acid in alkyd binder coatings applications combined with the sustainability aspects of the product such as land use change and the opportunities to improve the carbon footprint along the value chain.