Powder Coating Summit

Powder Coating Summit

Marco Zvanik Marco Zvanik
Business Director of Sales

Marco Zvanik is currently the Director of Sales at OCSiAL for the Composites, Thermoplastics and Powder Coating business unit. He has been working in the composites and thermoplastic industry for 33 years, having been with PVC foam manufacturer DIAB for 13 years, Owens Corning for 9 years and TenCate 3 years. He joined OCSiAl in March of 2019 after having sold a Bay Area carbon fiber startup called Seriforge. Since joining OCSiAl, he has focused on defining how SWCNTs work in both thermoset and thermoplastic applications by working with customers and researches to help define the value proposition and cost.


Effects of Single Wall Carbon Nano Tubes on Standard Powder Coatings

Single Wall Carbon Nano Tubes (SWCNTs) are just one of a wide variety of additives and fillers that can be used with powder coatings to enhance the performance of the base resin system. However, how they interact with the powder coating system has been misunderstood, and improper blending and mixing has led many to believe that they are not worth the cost. A comparative testing program was undertaken at PCR to determine what value SWCNTs have at various loading rates, to determine their value proposition and to determine their effect on the final cost of the powder coating system.