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Michael Sims

Michael Sims
R&D Manager

Michael Sims received his master’s degree in Synthetic Organic Chemistry from Montana State University, where he focused on G-0 Dendrimers that exhibited two-photon absorption characteristics, to be applied as a thin-film coating. Over the past 16 years, he has focused on processing and coating chemicals in a variety of industrial markets, such as wood and pulp, textile, water treatment, oil and gas, food foam control, and now performance chemical coatings. With experience in these various markets, he has found the similarities between chemistries, which has aided in his quick integration into new market focuses.

Stable Silanol Structures for Additives with Multifunctional Properties
Silanes have been shown to improve film properties of resin systems when they are reacted into the resin or incorporated into a resin solution as an additive. Improved adhesion to substrate, coupling to resin, block, dirt pick-up resistance and hardness, without a loss of gloss, are highly sought after and desired. Due to the unique functionality of silanes, which allows for inter-polymer crosslinking and chemical bonding to many substrates, these properties can be achieved. A major challenge has been overcoming the high reactivity of silanes, especially towards hydrolysis and self-condensation, limiting their use as additives in water-based systems. Research was initiated to investigate the structure, functionality, and processing conditions to successfully emulsify stable silanes and introduce into a latex resin. Application work was performed to analyze the impact of these silane additives in clear resins and paint formulations. This application work has shown advantages of the emulsified silanes versus standard latex in fully formulated systems, including shelf stability of the finished formulations. The authors reason that the property enhancements afforded by this new technology should be applicable to DTM, architectural and industrial maintenance coatings.