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Briggitte Emmons

Briggitte Emmons

Research and Development Assistant
Nawkaw Inc.

Upon completing her degree in Chemistry at the University of Georgia, Briggitte joined the Nawkaw Research and Development team full-time to create innovative coatings solutions.


1K Silicate Binder-Based Systems

Binders are one of the critical components of paints and coatings. With a greater demand for sustainability and environmental accountability, the focus on having binders that are low in VOCs is increasing. Inorganic binders are often forgotten amidst the sea of acrylic-based resin binders even though they present a durable and low-VOC solution. 1K silicate emulsion stains offer improved coating performance without using an organic binder, and offer longevity unmatched by acrylic resins. This presentation will explore the mechanism of 1K silicate emulsions as well as their benefits.

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