Eduardo de Luna

Eduardo de Luna
Coatings Specialist

With a start in food industry process engineering, Eduardo joined the technical sales team at Proinsa in 2016 as a sales agent serving the paint and coatings industry as well as plastic injection. As of 2019, Eduardo serves as the Coatings Specialist for Coadtech, and other companies in the group, supporting sales, developing new applications, and solving problems in all of the Americas and the Carribean.

Improving Solar Reflection in Coatings with Hollow Plastic Microspheres
Hollow plastic ultra-low-density microspheres (HPMS) can replace traditional mineral filler in almost any kind of paint or coating to improve a number of critical properties. In this study of cool roof formulations, HPMS significantly increased the solar reflectance of a coating through the foam optics mechanism. Compared to traditional mineral filler-based coatings, HPMS-based coatings achieve much greater reflectance in the infrared spectrum of solar light, while performing just as well in the UV-Vis spectrum. HPMS accomplish this increased reflectance while also offering a higher critical pigment volume content (CPVC), offering many advantages to the formulator. The present study demonstrates the possibility of achieving enhanced solar reflectivity, better resilience, improved physical properties and lower surface temperatures with HPMS.