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Jennifer Noyes

Jennifer Noyes

Sales Account Manager
Buhler Inc.

Jennifer Noyes is employed as a Sales Account Manager for the Buhler Group (Grinding & Dispersing division). After spending several years in the construction industry as a formulation scientist and national color lab manager, Jennifer is bringing her technical expertise, formulation and application knowledge along with her problem solving capabilities to the starting point of how pigments are manufactured for multiple industries and applications. Outside of work, Jennifer enjoys spending time with her three children involved in varying activities. And when Jennifer finds spare time, she indulges in volleyball, biking or golfing among other warm weather outdoor activities.


Bead Milling Wet Grinding Principles for Color Suspensions

Do you know how wet mill grinding in a bead mill has the capability to improve your product processing quality and efficiencies? The incorporation of a bead mill into your production process will allow you to be able to accomplish these improvements. By understanding how the impact of the flow rate, bead size, bead type and energy output relate to each other will significantly reduce your manufacturing time while improving product consistency. Ultimately, resulting in lower production costs and more product output.

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