Manpreet Dash

Manpreet Dash

Development Engineer
Rheonics GmbH

Manpreet leads the Application Engineering and Markets Development team at Rheonics. He graduated with a Bachelors in Mechanical Engineering and a Masters degree in Industrial and Systems Engineering from Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur. During his studies, he worked on developing fluid characterization models in thermal spray process applications. He co-founded the IIT Kharagpur Young Innovators Program and is recipient of the Institute Silver Medal.


High Quality and ‘Greener’ Coatings with Automated Viscosity Monitoring and Control

The challenge in the coatings industry for existing and emerging markets is to lower the cost of applying coatings, optimize material use, reduce environmental damage through solvent emissions, recycle materials, and to deliver extremely predictable and robust coatings. Viscosity is an important property of coatings, crucial both to ensure quality of coating material as well as the application process. It is affected at the molecular level and has tremendous amount of information about the process, but has been hard to quantify reliably with existing instruments. Monitoring and controlling viscosity of the coating through the complete ecosystem achieves control over properties that matter the most in coatings – thickness and consistency. Factory automation/Industry 4.0 solutions utilize inline viscometers to contribute to a more resource-efficient and greener coating process alongside delivering top quality coating performance. Session sub-topics include: Current state of viscosity monitoring and control in coating applications; Drivers for coaters’ adoption of real-time viscosity management; Resonant sensor technology for accurate, real-time inline viscosity measurement and control; How reliable viscosity measurement enables predictive control for Industry 4.0 integration; Case Study: Achieving sustainability goals with complete viscosity automation solutions – 40% reductions in solvent consumption, emissions/VOCs

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