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Nick Tito

Nick Tito, Ph.D.

Principal Scientist
Electric Ant Lab (RheoCube)

Growing up on the US coast of Maine, Nick was inspired to study physical sciences by the powerful winter cyclones that strike his home town each year. These snowstorms are a rare example of how physics, through a continuum of scales (microscopic to global) act in coincidence to form a beautiful, yet fleeting natural structure that affects all human senses in a profound way. Building on this inspiration, Nick enjoys using computer simulation and mathematics to solve challenging problems in chemistry and physics.

As a key member of the Electric Ant Lab Modeling Team (makers of RheoCube software), Nick applies his passion for multi-scale modeling, computer simulation, and statistical thermodynamics. Having built the company’s entire modeling team from the ground up, he is now focussed on developing and implementing RheoCube’s core physical models.

Nick is inherently driven to understand the complicated physics happening at the microscale, between molecules and nanostructures, to make predictive models for what happens at our scale of existence. He often investigates exciting new materials (polymers), fluid rheology, molecular targeting techniques, biosensing, and molecular assembly.

Aside from this, Nick loves tracking the weather and studying dynamic meteorology. He also creates interactive and visual computer software that allows scientists and non-scientists alike to explore emergent phenomena, with an artistic twist (e.g. Nick also maintains strong ties to academia and has an active Google Scholar Page (

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