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Salvatore Monte

Salvatore J. Monte

Kenrich Petrochemicals, Inc.

President-Kenrich Petrochemicals, Inc.; B.C.E. Manhattan College; M.S.-Polymeric Materials, NYU; Plastics Hall of Fame 2021; SPE Fellow; Licensed P.E.; BOG, PPA-MTS Newsletter Chair; 32-U.S. Patents; 450-American Chemical Society CAS Abstracts of published “Works by S.J. Monte”; Classified Top Secret for Solid Rocket Fuel and Energetic Composites Patents for the Insensitive Munitions Program; NDIA Lifetime member; Winner of PIA 2020 Re|focus Sustainability Innovation Award – Materials; Lifetime BOD-SPE TPM&F Division; External Advisory Committee-UCF NanoScience Technology Center; Past-Chair NYRG-ACS Rubber Division; Past-President SPE P-NJ Section; Business Man of the Year 2015-BCC; FSCT C. Homer Flynn Award; Member GRAPHENE COUNCIL, the Vinyl Sustainability Council.


UV+EB Coatings Technology With 1.5-Nanometer Heteroatom Titanates and Zirconates

1.5-nanometer heteroatom titanates and zirconates as invented and developed by the author since 1973 are shown to reduce the viscosity of inorganic/organic materials, increase flow and strength of polymers, functionalize the pigment/filler/fiber interface, prevent corrosion and aging, promote adhesion, increase thermal and electrical conductivity, and deagglomerate and disperse nano-particulates of all types in the organic or water phase. Patented applications are disclosed in several thousand ACS CAS abstracted works by other investigators. The presentation will review some of the more interesting recent and historical developments in coatings, inks, adhesives and sealants, thermoplastics, and advanced composites with an emphasis on UV+EB coatings applications. Tables, figures and references will be used to teach the Six Functions of the Titanate Molecule and why they often perform better than silanes or other surfactants.

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