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Steve Wilkowski

Steve Wilkowski
Technical Account Manager
Siltech Corporation

Steve Wilkowski has worked within the material science industry for over 30 years in a variety of technical and commercial roles. Steve has developed intellectual property and published numerous papers related to the use of silicone materials in a wide variety of applications and industries. Steve holds degrees in Chemistry and Biology, and an MBA from Virginia Commonwealth University. He has completed executive education at The University of Chicago School of Business and The University of Chicago Medical Center. He resides with his wife and three children in Midland, Michigan.

Mercapto Functional Silicone Q Resins for Coating Applications
Mercapto functional silicone-based Q resins and other SH silicone resins exhibit unique properties for coating applications. These newly developed co-polymers can be crosslinked with vinyl silicone using UV energy and photoinitiators.