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Vivek Komaragiri

Vivek Komaragiri

Chief Technology Officer
Sensory Analytics

Vivek Komaragiri is the Chief Technology Officer at Sensory Analytics and has been an integral part of their technology development and application engineering teams since 2005. Vivek earned his Master’s Degree in Physics at North Carolina A&T State University and a second Master’s Degree in Electrical & Computer Engineering at Mississippi State University. Vivek has over 15 years of experience in developing optical thickness measurement modules for coated metal and other coated applications. Vivek led the Sensory Analytics team that developed the ruggedized optical interference coating thickness measurement module used in the Metpack Gold Innovation Award winning SpecMetrix systems.


More Accurate, Non-Contact In-Line Thickness Measurement Method for Architectural and Industrial Coatings

An absence of real-time thickness control has created significant challenges for coated product manufacturers and coatings suppliers. Current industry measurement techniques have proven to be inaccurate, invasive or time-consuming. New non-contact and non-destructive absolute coating thickness measurement solutions that address these long-standing issues and are suitable for architectural (primers and topcoats) and other industrial coatings (thin UV, opaque TiO2-based and smart coatings) will be presented. Using these advanced technologies, a wide range of applied coatings can now be accurately measured wet or dry over a range of metallic and non-metallic substrates, in-process on production lines or off-line for QA measurement needs. Having an in-line thickness measurement option provides manufacturers with a significant new ability to ensure proper coating application and cross web/down web coating consistency. The availability of a high-speed alternative that precisely measures thickness or coat weight of architectural and industrial coatings offers significant financial, quality, environmental and time-saving benefits. Using the presented measurement systems can reduce coating costs, changeover times and production issues while improving product quality assurance. Previously unpublished, real-time measurement data and summary results from plant use will be provided, including a review of repeatability, stability, accuracy and the environmental impact of the measurement method.

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