ARVADA, CO - It is estimated that there are more than one million workers in over 100 different occupations that may be exposed to lead poisoning. In the United States, agencies such as the USEPA, OSHA, NIOSH, and the CDC have launched major campaigns to educate and enforce lead poisoning prevention.

This concern is shared internationally as well. In December, leading Panama environmental consulting and engineering firm, JAP Ingenieros Consultores Asociados (JAP), selected ECOBOND® LBP for assistance on a recent demolition project in Central America. The project is near the historic Panama Canal and because of the presence of lead on various structures, great care needed to be followed in selecting a lead paint treatment product.

JAP selected ECOBOND LBP because of its ability to seal and treat lead dust and lead in lead paint thereby protecting workers from lead poisoning by sealing the lead dust and reducing airborne lead up to 99%. By also treating the lead, ECOBOND LBP protected the sensitive environment and rendered lead-impacted demolition waste as non-hazardous for disposal in compliance with canal port authorities.