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    Coatings Raw Materials Following the Supply Chain Crisis

    In 2019, the coatings industry did not anticipate any problems surrounding raw material supplies and availability. Then COVID and the global supply chain crisis hit. This article offers an analysis of the current and future outlook of the raw materials market, highlighting lingering issues with raw material production, pricing, transportation, and delivery.
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    AI Spatial Computing Helps Prevent 75 Million Gallons of Paint Waste per Year

    It’s a common sight in most people’s garages; half-full paint cans and half-used rolls of wallpaper. Decofy believes it’s time to use technology to change these old habits when it comes to decorating homes. Decofy, the AI-powered mobile retail channel, launched in April to help home decorators realize their design dreams, and, at the same time, end systemic paint waste and the environmental damage it can cause.
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    Reducing Adhesion Failures in the Automotive Industry

    Plasma pre-treatment is a crucial step for improving the quality and durability of automotive assemblies and components. It enhances the adhesion and compatibility of different materials that are used for encapsulation, printing, or painting processes. By applying plasma to the surface of low-energy materials, it removes contaminants and creates functional groups that increase the surface energy and reactivity.

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