Most customers use their lamps for 1000 hours, so here are some tips for taking care of them.

  1. Always wear latex gloves when handling the lamp.
  2. Before placing the lamp into the UV system, clean with isopropanol wipes available from your supplier.
  3. For longer-lasting lamps, rotate them every 100-200 hours to avoid deformation of the quartz.
  4. Ensure the UV system is clear of any external contamination, such as inks, dusts, etc.
  5. Allow the lamp to cool for five minutes once the power has been turned off before you handle the lamp.
  6. Clean the lamp, UV system and reflectors every 500 hours to maintain the longest possible lamp life.
  7. Avoid excessive starts, as this can cause contamination due to the electrodes throwing off tungsten into the lamp.
  8. Check reflectors periodically to make sure they are clean and free from distortion.
  9. Check that the electrical connections are tight and not eroded.
  10. Change reflectors after you have replaced a lamp four times.

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