HUNTERSVILLE, NC – Microban International Ltd., Huntersville, NC, announced its partnership with Davis-Frost Inc., Lynchburg, VA, is expanding to include more Davis paint exterior and stain products with Microban antimicrobial protection. Davis-Frost now features Microban in its entire line of Weatherhide® premium exterior paints and in its Weatherhide 100% acrylic solid exterior stains and wood finishes. Now, Davis-Frost is introducing Weatherhide FreshDeck®, a multipurpose deck and concrete restoration coating with Microban antimicrobial protection.

Weatherhide brand exterior paint with Microban is available in a variety of house and trim finishes. Weatherhide paints are durable, provide optimum color retention, have low VOC with zero-VOC colorants and now include a five-year mold and mildew warranty. Weatherhide brand solid-color deck and siding stain with Microban has a 100% acrylic resin finish and is designed to resist cracking, peeling, blistering caused by moisture, UV rays and harsh weather. Weatherhide FreshDeck with Microban is a pure, 100% acrylic, high-solids, low-VOC deck and concrete restoration coating. It provides solid color and low sheen combined with slight texture for a slip-resistant finish and features superior adhesion to well-weathered wood decking and cured concrete.

Davis paint products with Microban, provides antimicrobial product protection against stain-causing bacteria, mold and mildew. Microban technology is infused into the paint and stain during the manufacturing process, meaning it won’t wash off or wear away, keeping the coating protected for the life of the product.