ARVADA, CO – ECOBOND® LBP has reached out to recipients of a Federal Community Development Block Grant to support a lead poisoning prevention program in the form of a free public service announcement website with an industry report on the dangers of lead-based paint and available solutions.

During its February 2014 renovation project, the historic Marietta, Ohio, City Hall selected ECOBOND LBP, a lead paint treatment and sealant product known to reduce lead hazards by sealing lead dust and treating the lead in lead paint. "I am really excited in the outcome of ECOBOND LBP. It has maintained its integrity with the issues we were having as far as the lead levels" said Elizabeth Matteson, EHS Safety Specialist.

After applying the product to lead-based paint surfaces, the ECOBOND LBP treated materials were tested by a certified lab. Laboratory results indicated lead levels to be below action levels and non-leachable, therefore waste generated during the project could be disposed of as non-hazardous. The end result: not only was the city able to proactively address potential lead dust hazards to ensure the safety of workers and occupants, but they also were able to stretch their project budget with cost savings related to the nonhazardous waste disposal and reduced the environmental impact of the lead-impacted waste.

"We are passionate about restoring our environment and protecting people from the hazards of lead with our patented ECOBOND LBP lead paint removal technology," said James Barthel, President and creator of ECOBOND LBP. The company offers assistance to support lead poisoning prevention programs in the form of a free public service announcement website with industry report on the dangers of lead-based paint and the solutions available to residents.