At Booth 602, Wacker Chemical Corp. is featuring its VINNAPAS® vinyl acetate-ethylene copolymer (VAE) technology for interior architectural paints. While regional aesthetic preferences for interior paints vary with regard to sheen level and color palette, the main global trend continues to lean in favor of solvent reduction. The outcome is low-VOC paints that have little or no odor.

VINNAPAS technology is ideally positioned to support this trend. Today, end-user paints having low-VOC levels of less than 1 g/L can be formulated with selected VINNAPAS VAE dispersions. These paints are in compliance with all major environmental labels, such as Blue Angel, EU Ecolabel, Green Seal, LEED and many others. The resultant paint also has very low odor levels, a fact that is especially important for rooms that are in use, and allows rooms to be rapidly reoccupied after renovation work.

Due to their polymer composition, VAE copolymers combine the toughness of poly (vinyl acetate) homopolymer with the superior coalescing properties of ethylene. VINNAPAS copolymers reduce solvent demand and have inherently good film-forming properties.

VAE copolymers also offer improved coalescence at low temperatures, which provides better low-temperature touch-up properties.

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