MONTREAL – Argex Titanium Inc., an emerging producer of high-grade titanium dioxide (TiO2), has completed work at its Valleyfield Technology Center, confirming key hydrometallurgical process innovations for the production of pigment-grade TiO2. The Argex hydrometallurgical process is based on the development of a fully integrated process, including chloride leaching of the feedstock, solvent extraction – separation and purification of iron and titanium compounds, hydrochloric acid recovery, iron chloride byproduct recovery and the conversion of titanium to market-grade TiO2. Argex’s research services agreement with PPG Industries has also supported the work.

Argex has put in place a technical team and a project execution plan to minimize technical risk, maximize commercial viability and provide the link for a proper technology transfer from the process technology to the design of a commercial production facility. A six-month Process Intensification Program has been planned to ensure commercial readiness of the hydrometallurgical process technology. Three months into the Process Intensification Program, Argex plans to launch front-end engineering design (FEED/FEL3) work and begin the purchase of process equipment for plant design and construction.