NEW BRUNSWICK, NJ - Akcros Chemicals Inc. announced several new registrations of isothiazolone-based solids and liquids in Canada and expected new carrier registrations in the United States.

In 2013, Akcros Chemicals and Dow Microbial Control, a business of The Dow Chemical Co., extended their strategic relationship for biocides for plastics applications on a global basis. Under this agreement, Dow Microbial Control transferred manufacturing equipment and provided Akcros with additional expertise to manufacture an enhanced line of isothiazolone-based solid carriers for protection of polymers.

Vice President of Marketing and Sales Support, Peggy Schipper, explains, “After the successful startup of the extruder at our New Brunswick facility, we have been able to positively secure registrations in Canada under the INTERCIDE™ label name in support of our customers’ needs. These registrations enhance Akcros’ position as the number-one supplier in North America for polymer applications and give our customers a wide range of choices for different applications.”

The Canadian registrations secured are:

  • INTERCIDE DBF-10 K120ND (10% DCOIT solid with K120ND as the processing aid),
  • INTERCIDE DBF-10 SVC (10% DCOIT solid) and
  • INTERCIDE OBF-10 SVC (10% OIT solid).

In addition, Canadian registrations for several INTERCIDE™ liquid carrier-based products have also been approved, including:

  • INTERCIDE DBF-10 DIDP (10% DCOIT liquid),
  • INTERCIDE DBF-4 DIDP (4% DCOIT liquid) and
  • INTERCIDE OBF-10 DIDP (10% OIT liquid).

In the United States, Akcros Chemicals is closely working with its customers to register products with new carriers other than its existing DIDP carriers. The registrations that are under review contain carriers found to be more desirable by many Akcros’ customers to meet continuing environmental challenges.

The traditional biocide, OBPA, used in this sector for the polymer additives business remains under the EPA registration review process with an uncertain future, whereas products made from DCOIT and OIT molecules have a very positive long-term outlook from both efficacy and regulatory perspectives. “With new registrations in place and coming, Akcros will enable its customers to meet the green initiative, environmental legislations and also go phthalate free,” said to Vini Shah, Biocides Product Manager for Akcros Chemicals.