Arkema is showcasing its coatings market offerings at Booth 1031, including new technologies, research initiatives and ongoing commitment to innovation and sustainability.

“Success in the modern coatings industry requires us to take a global perspective, including infrastructure growth, new products and technologies, and the basic ways we work with our customers,” Richard D. Jenkins, Global Group President for Arkema Coating Resins, explained. “That perspective has been at the center of almost every decision Arkema has made in recent years. At the American Coatings Show, we will showcase the results and meet with our customers and other leaders to build on and strengthen our offering to the industry.”

Multiple business units within Arkema serve the global coatings market and are represented at the ACS. They include:

  • Arkema Coating Resins, which produces a complete range of solutions based on aqueous polymer emulsions, opacifiers, aqueous or solvent-based alkyds and acrylics, oil-free polyester resins, polyester polyols, powder polyester resins, and additives for solvent-based systems.
  • Coatex Rheology Modifiers, a global designer and producer of rheological solutions for aqueous formulations and waterborne processes.
  • Kynar PVDF Coatings and Resins, a world leader in production of PVDF-based coatings and resins.
  • Arkema Acrylic Monomers, a global producer of acrylic monomers with unique properties that extend product life, allow water-based formulations without solvents, and contribute to a cleaner environment.
  • Orgasol® and Rilsan® Fine Powdersprovide polyamide powder coatings and coating additives across many industries.
  • Luperox® Organic Peroxide, used in varied applications, including crosslinking and as a polymer initiator.
  • CECA, a leading producer of molecular sieves and filtration products.
  • Sartomer Photocure Resins,a leading global supplier of acrylate/methacrylate monomers, oligomers and other specialty chemicals. 

These businesses are displaying a wide range of new and existing products and technologies for formulators worldwide, including:

  • CELOCOR® AF polymer, a new ammonia-free opaque polymer for use in low-odor interior or exterior architectural coatings with excellent hiding power.
  • ENCOR® 636 latex, a new resin that delivers excellent gloss development, adhesion on both wet and dry substrates and grain crack resistance, making it suitable for use in both exterior and interior formulations.
  • ENCOR 662 latex, a new 100% acrylic resin that offers outstanding scrub resistance, stain resistance and washability in flat and semigloss coatings.

·Powder Coating Resins, including:

  • REAFREE® 4796 resins, imparting high flow characteristics for TGIC systems;
  • REAFREE 8563T resins, providing non-blooming solutions for PRIMID™ systems;
  • REAFREE 4798V resins, offering a high chemical resistance option for TGIC systems.

·Coating Additivesfor industrial and outdoor coatings, including:

  • Crayvallac® Optima® and Crayvallac LV resinsfor solventborne coatings used in the marine and maintenance segments.
  • Crayvallac SLT resinsfor use as an additive in epoxy-based sealant products.

Additionally, the COATEX business will showcase and discuss the possibilities offered by pseudo plastic thickeners across a great diversity of applications including decorative paints, industrial coatings, adhesives and sealants.

Arkema will present two papers based on recent research initiatives:

  • New Acrylic Polymers for High-Performance Interior Wall Paints,byWenjun Wu, Michael Kaufman, Jeffrey Schneider and Ronald Grieb, Tuesday, April 12 at 9:30.
  • A New Platform Technology for Alkyds. Eliminating Emulsification Surfactants to Breach the Performance Gaps between Solvent Based and Water Based Alkyd Coatings,byJ. Arendt and J. Kim, Wednesday, April 13 at 9:30.

Other announcements at the show include the recent appoint of Dr. Jeffrey Klang as the new director of research and development for Sartomer Americas, as well as discussions of recent infrastructure and business asset growth.

“The global coatings market is made up of many complex elements, with diverse needs that no single technology or approach can meet adequately,” Jenkins said. “At Arkema, we have worked hard to match that complexity and diversity with the technologies and business practices formulators need to drive innovation while still meeting the traditional needs of the marketplace.”

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