WILMINGTON, DE – The Chemours Co. recently signed a five-year extension of a trademark license agreement for the Teflon™ brand with Fabryo Corp. SRL, the largest producer of decorative paints and lacquers in Romania.

The collaboration between Chemours and Fabryo began 10 years ago when the first Teflon surface protector trademark license agreement was signed. With this extension, Fabryo will continue to be the exclusive provider of Teflon-branded architectural paints in Romania. Chemours, formerly part of DuPont, has been delivering pioneering titanium dioxide and fluoropolymers technologies used in the coatings industry for more than 80 years.

“We have a long history of working with Fabryo to formulate paints with Teflon surface protection technology that provides consumers with proven stain resistance,” said Pablo Aragon, Global Coatings Segment Leader, Chemours Titanium Technologies. “We are pleased to work with a committed partner to create products that improve the consumer experience as well as our collective business performance. The goal of our titanium dioxide business is to utilize the breadth of capabilities and depth of knowledge intrinsic to Chemours to enable customers to be more successful in their markets.”

“Together with DuPont and now continuing with Chemours, we have worked to build a very strong market position for the Savana brand with Teflon in the minds and hearts of Romanian consumers,” said Dragos Militaru, Chief Executive Officer, Fabryo Corp. “Teflon brand license is one of our strategic pillars in building Savana brand as the most relevant, respected, wanted and loved paint brand in Romania.”