Specialty chemicals company LANXESS Corporation is presenting its products and technologies for the coatings industry at ACS Booth 2928, featuring pigments and biocides for coloring and protecting premium coating materials.

A key highlight during the show is the introduction of the innovative Bayferrox® New Red pigments range that is based on the development of an entirely new production process. The so-called Ningbo Process is being used for the first time at LANXESS’ new production facility in Ningbo, China, currently the most modern plant of its kind in the world. After celebrating the completion of construction work in November 2015, the synthesis production at the new site has started as planned in the first quarter of 2016.

LANXESS Inorganic Pigments represents a consistent combination of environmental responsibility, efficiency and quality. In line with these objectives and based on the company’s 90 years of experience, LANXESS has once again set a milestone in the production of synthetic iron oxide pigments. The newly developed Ningbo Process allows unique and high-quality red iron oxide pigments – “New Reds” – to be manufactured in an environmentally friendly way.

As an extension of its Bayferroxportfolio, LANXESS will be the only company in the world to cover the full spectrum of yellow-shaded reds for high-quality paints and coatings with its New Red pigments. That is because in addition to the color space of classic Penniman and Copperas pigment types, the New Red product range will also include pigments with higher red and yellow proportions than any other iron red oxide pigments currently commercially available, made possible by the innovative Ningbo Process.

The LANXESS Rhein Chemie Additives (ADD) business unit is featuring it’s Colorant Additives product portfolio, which includes pigment preparations for water-based paints, wood stains and inks from the Levanyl® and Levanox® ranges; high-performance pigments for automotive coatings from the Bayfast® range; Levaplast® phthalate-free pigment dispersions; and water-based dyes for inkjet and stationery inks within the Bayscript®, Nigrosin® and Specialties ranges.

The LANXESS Material Protection Products (MPP) business unit is showcasing a comprehensive range of biocides for the coatings industry, proven to enhance in-can preservation and extend dry-film protection. The preservatives protect wood coatings, emulsion paints, coatings and plasters from microbial attack.

MPP’s active ingredients and biocidal formulations are marketed under the Preventol® brand name. As a result of several acquisitions over the years, additional brands have broadened the company’s portfolio, including Metasol®, Tektamer®, Biochek® and Azotech®.