Atlas Material Testing Technology is showcasing three of its most popular weathering testing instruments that enable users to test products realistically under accelerated conditions. Stop by Booth 2476 and see the latest innovations in testing, including:

Ci4000 Weather-Ometer®featuring a new user interface along with enhancements such as:

  • WXView (WeatherView)– an innovative data acquisition software;
  • S3T– an online specimen surface temperature measurement system;
  • RD-3T Holders– more-efficient specimen holders that can reduce rack-loading time by more than 50%.

SUNTEST® XXL+, a flatbed xenon exposure instrument featuring:

  • An extra-large, 3,000 cm2 specimen tray for high-volume, large-component and three-dimensional parts;
  • Economical non-aging filters;
  • Online programming and monitoring add-ons.

UVTest, an economical fluorescent/UV test instrument for product screening at lower operating costs, featuring:

  • Simple touch-screen operation and control in several languages;
  • Patented irradiance calibration safety access ports;
  • Remote Ethernet data acquisition application.

Ultra-accelerated and low-temperature EMMAQUA® devices. With a new, patented mirror system, these devices:

  • Allow for the exposure of many different types of materials to ultrahigh UV irradiances;
  • Maintain high fidelity to the natural solar UV spectrum;
  • Keep specimens at acceptable exposure temperatures.

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