STEVENSVILLE, MD - Miltec UV recently added new staff members and positions, resulting in headcount expansion and promotions.

Bill Zlakowski joined Miltec in December 2015 in the role of Purchasing Manager. He will analyze and supervise the procurement of material as well as maintain and expand Miltec’s vendors and suppliers. Zlakowski worked as a Procurement Agent and Material Analyst at Labinal Power Systems in Salisbury, MD, for 10 years and brings to Miltec a vast knowledge of the supply chain function, utilizing lean manufacturing. Zlakowski's experience will help him will assist Miltec in optimizing and growing the flow of products to customers.

Ian Smith joined Miltec in March in the role of Electronics Engineering Technician. In this position, he will support Miltec’s Engineering, Manufacturing and Service departments. Smith worked as a Process Engineer at Labinal Power Systems in Salisbury, MD, for nine years. He has over 20 years of engineering experience in manufacturing and product development, where he supported research and development, as well as customer service, installation and repair of equipment.

Nan Jiang joined Miltec in March as the Director of Sales – Asia. In this new position, he will be responsible for the horizontal growth of Miltec’s Asian market, expanding the geographical reach of products and services. Jiang is a technical sales and marketing executive with over 15 years of experience in the LED lighting industry, including UV curing and electronics manufacturing. Jiang most recently was a Regional Sales Manager at Excelitas Technologies for the Solid State Lighting (LED) Division, where he successfully cultivated relationships and secured manufacturing contracts with industry lighting leaders. With his sales, technical and bilingual abilities, Jiang will assist Miltec in growing and supporting the UV curing industry in Asia.

Miltec recently promoted Tom Frobish to the new role of Industrial Designer. Frobish’s initial position of CAD Drafter, supporting the creation and revision of engineering drawings and work instructions, grew quickly into a designer role. He now supports the design of new processes and tooling for manufacturing and also creates visual concepts and content to support marketing and sales initiatives. In addition to his CAD drafting and graphics design talents, Frobish is also technically competent in the assembly and testing of Miltec’s products.

Bob Blandford, Miltec’s President, commented, “These are exciting times as Miltec expands its products, including our international presence in Asia. We are extremely fortunate to be able to increase our headcount with talented and experienced staff to support our growth here and our footprint abroad, as well as the ability to keep jobs on Maryland’s Eastern Shore”.

Serving the UV industry for 25 years, Miltec UV is a global leader and manufacturer of both arc and microwave ultraviolet curing systems.