Nordson ASYMTEK introduces Dual-Simultaneous Programmable Pitch on its Select Coat® SL-940 Conformal Coating System. With Dual-Simultaneous Programmable Pitch, two of the same conformal coating applicators are installed and operated simultaneously, coating two parts at the same time. Nordson ASYMTEK's unique motorized system automatically repositions the applicators to match the programmed pitch, eliminating the set-up time normally required during changeover, which significantly speeds up the conformal coating process and makes it more accurate and repeatable.

Using Dual-Simultaneous Programmable Pitch reduces actual conformal coating process time by 50% and virtually doubles throughput performance, especially for high takt time conformal coating processes or when multi-up panelized or patterned parts with consistent spacing are used. This especially benefits automated high-mix production environments.

The pitch, or distance between applicators, is programmed and will adjust automatically. Unlike a manual bracket where the operator must reposition the applicator pitch at each changeover, programmable pitch eliminates operator dependency in adjusting the pitch for a specific part. This enhances quality and eliminates setup time due to adjustments and validation.

Programming is simple. The operator enters the product pitch when creating the program, starts the program, and the pitch of the applicators will automatically be adjusted to the programmed value. Configuring and accommodating coating for different parts is very flexible. Easy Coat® software lets the user program when to use one or both applicators.

Dual-Simultaneous Programmable Pitch supports the full range of Nordson ASYMTEK conformal coating applicators, meeting current and future needs for conformal coating by simply being able to swap applicators. Applicators can also be installed with tilt and rotate options to maintain the unique agility of conformally coating complex PCB layouts.