BROOK PARK, OH – Greenkote PLC, a provider of high-performance anti-corrosion metal coatings headquartered in Brook Park, Ohio, announced the opening of a new facility in Shanghai that will provide Greenkote® coatings to Asia. The new Greenkote licensee, Shanghai Premier Tension Control Bolts Co. Ltd., is a joint venture comprised of Tension Control Bolts Ltd. of the UK, Shanghai High Strength Bolts Plant Ltd. and Shanghai Yan Yan Trading.

SHTCB has installed a full state-of-the-art Greenkote coating line with a capacity of 300 tons of parts per month. The company is now helping China in its commitment to a cleaner environment by supplying 2000 tons of Greenkote Tension Control Bolts for the new one-million-kilowatt Jiahuwan clean energy power plant in Guangdong Province. The company's Greenkote-coated preload bolts, both tension control bolts and hex bolts, all meet the most stringent international standards including C5-M, which addresses highly corrosive marine environments.

Greenkote is a proprietary family of high-performance zinc-based coatings that can be applied to ferrous metals and alloys by a patented thermal diffusion process for fasteners and many other applications. Greenkote is designed to replace older processes such as hot-dip galvanizing, zinc plating, sherardizing and metal flake coating.