SANTA ANA PUEBLO, New Mexico - The Powder Coating Institute held its annual Hall of Fame Banquet recently during the 2017 Annual Meeting at the Tamaya Resort and Spa in Santa Ana Pueblo, New Mexico. Hall of Fame members are selected for their many years of service and dedication to the association. The Hall of Fame was initiated in 2001 to recognize individuals who have made outstanding contributions to the Powder Coating Institute and the powder coating industry. 

This year, honoree Bob Allsop, a 42-year employee of Powder Coating Institute member company Nordson Corp., was recognized for his service on multiple Powder Coating Institute committees, the Powder Coating Institute Board of Directors and for serving in all the Powder Coating Institute officer positions, including Oresident of the Powder Coating Institute.

Allsop spent most of his career marketing powder coating equipment worldwide for Nordson Corp. before retiring in 2015. At the Hall of Fame banquet, Greg Dawson, also of Nordson, gave a thoughtful tribute to his friend and co-worker. “I’ve worked with Bob for most of my 29 years at Nordson but didn’t really get to know him until we began planning trade shows and working on PCI business together,” notes Dawson. “In a sense, this organization helped create a great business relationship between two work colleagues that has since grown into a tremendous friendship. We all talk about the value of networking, but sometimes it takes an outside influence like PCI for even co-workers to forge relationships. Well respected and liked by all at PCI for his work, energy and dedication to the industry, Bob’s legacy for us is the introduction of a new generation of work colleagues … Thank you Bob for your dedication and mentoring, this award is well deserved.”