AMSTERDAM - Following an expanded worldwide agreement to distribute Polibrid® coatings in 2016, AkzoNobel has now extended the distribution agreement to include Canada. This will enable access to Polibrid products throughout North America as part of the company’s International® brand portfolio of protective coatings and linings.

The Polibrid range offers high-build low-odor, zero-VOC, two-component elastomeric polyurethane lining options designed to protect concrete and steel in severe immersion environments. Fast cure, easy application and flexible crack-resistant properties make Polibrid ideal for use in corrosive wastewater treatment, potable water, and other immersion applications such as penstocks, dam gates, manholes, and pipelines, where exposure to H2S and microbiologically-induced corrosion (MIC) is prevalent.

The distribution agreement will include a commercial arrangement wherein AkzoNobel can bring Polibrid technology more easily and economically to applicators, and in turn, provide greater opportunity for owners to lower project costs.