PHILADELPHIA - Axalta Coating Systems has recently opened a new training facility in Bentley, Perth, Australia. The center will become the key training destination for refinishers from the Western Australian region, focusing on the use of Axalta’s refinish and industrial products to help maximize refinishers’ skill sets and keep them up-to-date with the latest technology and techniques.

The new training center was initiated to help customers and business partners in Western Australia avoid having to travel vast distances, often up to 4,000 km. It provides easy access to product and consultancy training programs that address business and product requirements, sharpening customers’ competitive edge.

“Axalta’s new Western Australian training center highlights our commitment to supporting our customers,” said Paul Polverino, Axalta’s National Training Manager. “Our new training facility focuses on commercially-oriented training that drives process optimization, so that body shops can be more efficient and productive, while maintaining the highest possible repair quality and maximizing their business performance.”

Located south of Perth, on the premises of Axalta distributor Global Autocoat, the training center is equipped with state-of-the-art equipment, tools and layout. It has two training rooms with the latest audio/visual equipment, two mixing rooms, a functional production planning room, two dry sanding floors and an adjoining color study. Two spray booths, one down draft and one down draft with GAS IR Arch, with full-length glass walls optimize the un-restrictive viewing capability for training application techniques and demonstration, as well as the latest waterborne drying technology. They also include special climate control settings so training can replicate varying temperature conditions commonly found in the different regions of Western Australia.

“By providing advance training techniques of our refinish and industrial brands – Standox®, Spies Hecker®, Cromax® and Nason® Industrial – we will ensure the best usage and application of our products, color tools, and the latest in coating technologies, including waterborne basecoats,” Polverino added.