LAWRENCEVILLE, NJ – Datacolor®, a leader in color management solutions and color communication technology, will provide color matching solutions to Jotun’s 38 production facilities worldwide.

Jotun Group’s products are held to the highest standards and this starts with the color formulation. It is critical for Jotun that its new formulation software delivers fast and accurate color matching, minimizes batch corrections, and is also backwards compatible with its existing instruments. To ensure consistency and streamline the color process, Jotun also requires a centralized solution that will enable all sites to use the same database.

“Datacolor was superior in current available functionality of Match Pigment software and superior in responses to Jotun’s specific requirements,” said Sebastian Schäfer, Jotun Project Manager Color Matching. “After three years of deep technical evaluation, we can say that Datacolor is offering the best software and instruments for our needs. Besides, Datacolor provides an excellent worldwide support and has proven to be a reliable partner.”

Key benefits Jotun is able to realize with the Match Pigment software include excellent correction results (also with Jotun legacy databases), improved efficiency with centralized color management, and streamlined production with one complete solution for every step of the color process.

“We provide color-matching services to many decorative paint manufacturers where time and matching quality is crucial,” said Rik Mertens, Global Application Manager, Datacolor. “We worked very close with the R&D department of Jotun to make sure the new functionality was meeting their needs. Datacolor color matching algorithms provided reliable prediction of difficult shades, resulting in formulas with small color differences (Delta E), low metamerism and correct contrast ratio values.”