Excelitas Technologies® Corp. expands its popular OmniCure® UV LED Curing product line with the introduction of the OmniCure AC8-HD (High Dose) Series of UV LED Curing Systems. Offering higher optical power and enhanced performance in the same air-cooled mechanical enclosure as its AC8 and AC9 predecessors, the new AC8-HD delivers more than 50% dose with unprecedented optical uniformity.  Excelitas Technologies’ patented control technology for addressing individual UV LED modules enables tight irradiation across the UV emitting length, as well as between heads. Its robust light engine design also provides more protection and longevity of the LED modules. The new UV light source is ideal for large-area curing of inks, adhesives and coatings in medical, industrial, electronics manufacturing, wood coating, touch panel/display, solar panel, conformal coating, automotive and print applications.

The scalable architecture of the OmniCure AC8-HD allows for multiple heads to be joined for customization and flexibility, without compromising output uniformity. The commonly shared platform with the current large-area product offerings allows customers to easily upgrade and support faster process speeds without any changes in mounting or control.

The OmniCure AC8-HD is available in three different wavelength options (385nm, 395nm and 405nm) and three cure sizes:  6-inch (150mm), 9-inch (225mm), and 12-inch (300mm). Its high dose, air-cooled UV LED curing systems deliver over 15W/cm2 irradiance and highest optical power for more efficient curing in existing applications as well as enabling expansion into those requiring higher UV LED energy, such as wood coatings. 

Visit www.excelitas.com/OmniCure.