An innovative and bright metallic powder coating, Interpon Cr provides a sustainable and cost-effective alternative to chrome plating. Special effect finishes continue to grow in popularity and metallics remain in demand. Designers and stylists are always looking for new ways to enhance the appearance of their creations, and Interpon Cr was created to meet demand for a bright, durable coating that gives a creative edge to coated products including furniture, lighting and interior fixtures.

Interpon Cr, part of AkzoNobel's Interpon powder coatings range, is an easily applied powder coating system combining the high reflectance of the company's metallic effect basecoat with the protection of its specifically designed clear topcoat. The complete system offers many benefits in the design and manufacture process, as well as in the end-product's aesthetics and coating performance, making it an ideal coating solution for industrial applications.

Interpon Cr benefits include a highly decorative metallic coating finish, a cost-competitive alternative to chrome plating, lower environmental impact compared to chrome plating, a simplified coating process, outstanding resistance to stains, and excellent coating hardness.