BYK is revealing a collection of new additives at Booth #2031 that are systematically tailored to meet market requirements. New surface technology, BYK-3565 is a macromer-modified acrylate additive. Its special modification enables it to orientate itself towards the coating surface while increasing the surface energy of the dried coating film. This simultaneously improves the overcoatability, offering advantages in automotive and general industrial coatings, as well as in architectural coatings.

To further develop the rheology product portfolio, BYK is presenting two high-performing thickeners that are free from APEO, VOC, S-VOC, tin and propylene glycol. OPTIFLO-T 1010 for aqueous coatings provides enhanced syneresis and spatter resistance, and shows a significant improvement in spreadability in the high-shear area. OPTIFLO-H 7625 VF generates high pseudo-plastic flow properties that increases viscosity, reduces sagging tendency and increases stability in the low-shear range. Both additives can be used in many applications, offering a high level of effectiveness and reducing the complexity of the coating system.

This year, BYK is featuring a series of in-booth presentations focusing on the latest additive advances and technology trends.

As a leader in innovative additive technology, BYK offers premium solutions across a variety of applications. The company’s closeness to customers and markets enables a deeper understanding of specific challenges in the most diverse applications.