Three brightly painted suits of armor will greet visitors when they stop by Eastman Booth #1885. More than a unique photo op, the knights are coated with paint containing Eastman Tetrashield™ protective resin systems to demonstrate the technology’s ability to improve appearance and durability. Tetrashield technology has been shown in third-party labs to provide superior weathering, scratch protection, and chemical resistance while also enabling productivity and sustainability enhancements.

“A game-changer like Tetrashield doesn’t come along very often in the coatings industry,” said Charlie Giaudrone, General Manager of the Eastman Coatings and Inks business. “With Tetrashield, formulators can now develop coatings that address some of the most significant challenges facing their customers such as increasing the durability of automotive coatings, creating high-performing BPA-free food and beverage packaging, and improving the protection of industrial assets.”

Visitors to the booth can put Tetrashield to the test by running a key across painted metal panels. With this hands-on demonstration, visitors can see the superior durability of a Tetrashield-based coating compared to a commercial paint. For formulators wanting more details about Tetrashield, Eastman technology team members will have comparative data on the technology’s weatherability, chemical resistance and hardness. With its unique balance of flexibility and hardness, Tetrashield is a novel technology that meets or exceeds both appearance and durability standards. Eastman has developed Tetrashield protective solutions for multiple markets including automotive, industrial and metal packaging.

In addition to Tetrashield, Eastman offers one of the most diverse and comprehensive product portfolios in the coatings industry. During ACS, coatings technology experts will be on hand to help formulators navigate the company’s extensive portfolio, which includes adhesion promoters, amines, cellulose esters, coalescents, solvents and resin intermediates.

Eastman is also participating in the American Coatings Conference. On Wednesday, April 11, at 9:30 a.m., Dr. Jamie Dziczkowski will share details about how a team of scientists developed Tetrashield. During the 30-minute presentation entitled “A Versatile, High-Performance Polyol Chemistry for Broad Industrial Market Use,” Dr. Dziczkowski will also examine ways to capitalize on the versatility of the specialty polyol platform of resins to fulfill performance targets across very diverse fitness for use criterion.

“Our team has overcome the traditional limitations of polyester technology and leveraged the use of a specialty monomer from one of our uniquely differentiated technology platforms,” said Dr. Deep Bhattacharya, Eastman Technology Director for Coatings. “What we discovered is the next generation of polyol chemistry for coatings applications that can deliver superior durability through improvements in weathering, UV stability, and scratch and mar resistance. More importantly we are enabling a much more sustainable footprint for the coatings value chain.”

Through performance comparisons to next-best alternative technologies, Dr. Dziczkowski’s presentation will highlight the advantages and protection that come from the improved durability of Tetrashield. At the conclusion of the presentation, there will be time for questions from the audience. There will also be metal panels on hand to allow formulators to put Tetrashield to the test by scratching a key across the painted surface.

The date, time and location of the presentation by Dr. Jamie Dziczkowski are subject to change. Please refer to for the most up-to-date conference schedule.

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