Look out for Venator at Booth #731, a new name in pigments and additives that comes with a wealth of experience, a large team of specialists and a vast portfolio of products you’ll know and trust.

Venator, previously Huntsman Pigments & Additives, specializes in the development and delivery of high-performance titanium dioxide, color pigments and functional additives.

Whether you need a specialist pigment for a UV-reflecting coating, a tough anticorrosion system for an extreme application, or a vivid pigment for a striking visual project, Venator is the team to talk to.

With one of the broadest portfolios of pigments and additives available, and the same world-leading experts, dedicated to solving environmental and commercial coating challenges, Venator provides:

  • Color pigments − that create a stir
  • Titanium dioxide − brilliant in all kinds of ways
  • Functional additives − to deliver something extra special.