AguaSeal Waterproofing Systems LLC announced a new coating solution for commercial building structures to stop condensation at its source. The NoZwet Anti-Condensation product is an environmentally friendly, water-based coating that inhibits condensation accumulation and ammonia corrosion on ceilings, un-insulated roofs and a wide range of other surfaces.

When applied properly, NoZwet can absorb approximately two pints of water per 10 square feet of ceiling surface by exponentially expanding the surface area.

NoZwet is applied to a building's interior ceiling using a textured coating hopper spray system. The coating provides a warmer surface, making it difficult for condensation to form. If condensation were to form, a NoZwet surface would absorb the water at a rate of two pints per 10 square feet. NoZwet’s textured surface accelerates the drying rate by at least 15-20 times that of an uncoated surface. Given sufficient airflow, the accumulated condensation is released as humidity back into the atmosphere.

Applications include schools, sports facilities, factories, manufacturing plants, workshops, aircraft hangars, storage facilities and containers, and warehouses.

Benefits include safer working environments for employees, less potential for OSHA citations and building closures due to hazardous water and mold accumulation, and prolonged roof life due to the prevention of corrosion and water damage.

For contractors in the construction industry, NoZwet is a turnkey, high-margin product line extension to add value to clients.