SOUTHFIELD, MI – Dürr announced that the company will build the new high-tech paint shop at Toyota’s plant in Georgetown, Kentucky. In addition to the EcoReflect paint application quality control system, Dürr is also supplying large paint booths and small booths/work decks, Dürr ovens, and the Ecopure® RL, one of Dürr’s most advanced exhaust-air purification systems.

Dürr has had a relationship with Toyota in North America for more than 20 years and was awarded an order in 2016 for the construction of a paint shop in Tijuana, Mexico. The plant started production on the Tacoma pickup truck at the beginning of this year with great success.

“The order in Georgetown, which was received in June, reflects the growing and solid relationship between Dürr and Toyota,” said CEO and President of Dürr Systems Inc. Bruno Welsch. “We are proud to be part of providing Toyota with our state-of-the-art systems and technologies.”

One of the new technologies is Dürr’s EcoReflect — an innovative light tunnel for focused paint application quality control. It offers an ergonomically optimized solution, and the arched design of the light tunnel ensures homogeneous illumination and minimal glare. This allows for continuous detection of irregularities in paint application with maximum accuracy. The use of LED technology guarantees low energy costs and minimizes maintenance time. With its energy-efficient LED technology, EcoReflect ensures a continuous reflected image, improved luminance distribution, and stable, fatigue-free visual perception.

The facility will be equipped with two large 3 wet topcoat booths and several small booths. Three Rotary Valve Regenerative Thermal Oxidizers Ecopure RL are also included in Dürr’s scope of delivery for Toyota. The Ecopure RL is one of Dürr’s most advanced exhaust-air purification systems, capable of destruction efficiencies greater than 99% along with low operating utility costs and exceptional uptime. The Ecopure RL is a single rotary valve system, which reduces future maintenance time and costs, and offers the smallest footprint in the industry, saving valuable plant space.