MEMPHIS, TN — AZO Inc. has published a new downloadable guide titled Specifying, Comparing and Selecting the Best Bulk Bag Unloading System for Your Product and Operations. The comprehensive 14-page guide is available for download on the AZO website.

The guide is written to answer questions commonly asked by plant and process engineers, maintenance teams, operations executives, and safety, controls and finance buyers. It provides a framework for building a specification, comparing machine and vendor options, and selecting the optimal solution for each situation.

Companies considering a switch from 50-pound bags to bulk materials will find details on savings, justification and implementation. The same guide includes advanced insights for engineering and operations experts well versed in bulk bag unloading systems who are adding capacity, handling new products with different bulk densities, or replacing inefficient existing systems.

Most sales collateral around handling of FIBC bags focuses on machine features. The AZO guide explicitly focuses on critical business outcomes and issues. Safety for instance, receives the important attention it merits as does reliability of a system to consistently and completely empty varying bulk bags, liners and spouts while minimizing the costly embedded labor overhead of constantly cleaning leaks and spills.

“A bulk bag unloader is the simplest machine in many operations,” comments Chuck Kerwin, AZO, Inc.’s General Manager. “But it’s often the only point at which product and worker safety considerations are so critical. It’s the first and last place in automated bulk material handling systems where super sack handling introduces safety and product integrity considerations.”

AZO also recently announced a new modular stock program that allows the company to deliver German engineered bulk bag unloading systems with immediate shipment from its Memphis, Tennessee, warehouse and engineering center.