ASHTABULA, OH — Chromaflo Technologies, Ashtabula, Ohio, announced the acquisition of Central de Colores Plásticos’ (CECOPLAS) colorants business. Chromaflo Technologies and CECOPLAS have come to a purchase agreement whereby Chromaflo Technologies will acquire CECOPLAS’ colorants with production in Querétaro, Mexico. The business acquisition is effective Nov. 1, 2018.

“The acquisition of this business from CECOPLAS is consistent with our efforts in supplying quality colorants and additives for high-performance thermoset products in the Americas markets and beyond,” said Scott Becker, President and CEO of Chromaflo Technologies. “The addition of CECOPLAS will provide us an opportunity to serve the Mexican market to a more effective degree.”

Production will remain at the current location in Mexico. This will enhance Chromaflo Technologies’ North American manufacturing facilities.

“With any merger or acquisition, our number-one goal is to assure continuity of supply while building stronger relationships to enable us to meet and exceed customers’ expectations,” said Larry Haines, Vice President of Mergers and Acquisitions of Chromaflo Technologies. “We are confident that our acquisition of CECOPLAS will add to our mission and create an improved service level for existing clients.”

CECOPLAS is a Mexican company that manufactures products for the plastics industry. Clients are plastics manufacturers, compounders and molders mainly comprised of PVC, PUR, polyester and polyolefins, among others, supporting applications in automotive, textiles, shoes, toys and associated applications.