MIXPAC™ MixCoat™ Flex is ideal for coating applications in areas with limited accessibility for standard spray equipment, like tanks and bilges in marine applications. It is also a good choice for stripe coating with a low-pressure spray and for a variety of water or wastewater manhole applications.

With its robust design, the lightweight and mobile MixCoat Flex can be placed on the ground or mounted on a wall. It offers maximum flexibility to reach into tight and angled spaces. The new dual-stage trigger provides one-handed operation and can accommodate a variety of spray applications. Use the 90-degree tip for spraying tight angles and the straight tip for broader areas. MixCoat Flex can adjust to 1:1, 2:1, 3:1 and 4:1 ratios into the same dispenser; simply exchange the plunger disc to change the ratio.

The MixCoat Flex is available in both single flex line and dual flex line options. Use the single flex line hose for slower setting applications. For fast curing coatings, use MixCoat Flex with dual flex line to quickly apply and touch up smaller areas with minimal setup time and very little cleanup compared to expensive plural-component spray equipment. The dual flex line can also be used with the MixCoat Hybrid Spray system for areas that are difficult to access. Offering comfortable handling for precise paint jobs, the hybrid design features separated hoses, making it suitable for material with a very short pot life. For more information visit www.sulzer.com/mixcoat or call 603/244.9733.