OKLAHOMA CITY, OK - Vanberg Specialized Coatings, a growing segment of Milamar Coatings LLC, has relocated its operation from Lenexa, Kansas, to Kansas City, Kansas, to be co-located at the VersaFlex world headquarters and manufacturing facility. VersaFlex Holdings LLC is the parent company of Oklahoma City-based Milamar Coatings LLC.

This consolidation of operations highlights the synergistic opportunities created as VersaFlex continues strengthening and expanding its portfolio of best-in-class protective coatings and corrosion-control solutions for commercial, industrial, agricultural, municipal and military environments. Customers of Vanberg Specialized Coatings will benefit from increased manufacturing and distribution capabilities at the VersaFlex facility.

For more than 25 years, Vanberg Specialized Coatings has focused on solving the unique corrosion problems that arise in agricultural environments, with an emphasis on hog production, dairies and crop storage. Its Con-Korite line of fast-setting, high-density, non-shrink mortars has become the standard repair solution for eroded concrete in livestock production facilities, due to its Pure Cement Technology, which gives exceptional resistance against salts, sulfates and animal waste by-products.

"Each member of the Vanberg Specialized Coatings team has valuable experience in agri-business, and we are thrilled to announce that 100% of the staff was retained in this move within the Kansas City metro area. They join a larger team of customer-focused talent and coatings formulation expertise within the VersaFlex operation. The combined strength helps us better support this rapidly growing brand as it continues delivering innovative, cost-effective and long-lasting repair, restoration and protection solutions that respect the values of agri-business," said Kyle Frans, General Manager of Milamar Coatings LLC.

The relocation was completed during February 2019 and it emphasizes VersaFlex's steadily growing presence in Kansas City. In 2017, VersaFlex acquired Raven Lining Systems and relocated its operation from Tulsa, Oklahoma, to Kansas City.