The flexible and extendable C-Line coating unit from WAGNER is a compact solution for high-quality, highly automated wheel coating.

Developed especially for coating wheels in the automotive industry, it features the smallest possible footprint to allow easy integration into existing production systems. The compact construction of the C-Line, with its two-meter booth length, means that it occupies just one third as much space as well-known systems currently available on the market.

To achieve maximum coating quality, the C-Line from WAGNER uses cutting-edge control technology. It is self-explanatory and offers the user a superb level of user friendliness and control. The parameters are input entirely visually, with the guns being assigned their position via a visual "teach-in" method. Complex parametrisation processes are dispensed with, and no programming skills are needed. In view of the present shortage of skilled workers, this represents a major bonus when it comes to staff deployment.

The modern application technology also performs impressively on complex wheel geometries, with superlative transfer efficiency and even layer thicknesses. During the coating process, the 3D axis system moves all powder guns through the booth simultaneously with the wheel. The guns are arranged opposite each other in order to make the best possible use of the "moving powder cloud." This means that, even at high throughput speeds of up to 7 m/min, a wide and stable powder cloud is produced that yields outstanding coating results for wheels between 13" and 24" in diameter. At the same time, each individual powder gun can be programmed and controlled to suit the wheel type and positioned fully automatically.

The small booth is cleaned from the outside through a large opening. In combination with the contact-free spindle seal on the conveyor inlet, the booth design with the stepped floor and suction from one side, color changes can be carried out in less than 15 minutes on the entire system. The optionally available automatic gun blow-off mechanism, which moves the guns from the outside along the blowing nozzles, also accelerates the color change process.

The coating booth, which is around two-thirds smaller than other systems, features a filter, cyclone and pipe systems with compact dimensions. This not only saves space, but it also typically reduces energy consumption by 50% compared to conventional coating systems, resulting in a further improvement in the ROI.

The new C-Line is available in a modular single or multi-booth arrangement and can also be prepared for the integration of coating robots. The extendable configuration also allows combinations of multiple booths to be arranged in series to cover conveyor speeds of up to 12 m/min. For a quick set-up, the booth components are supplied in a small number of pre-assembled modules. This shortens the assembly time and keeps investment costs low.