KECO XL2000™ from KECO Engineered Coatings is a unique internal and external ceramic coating system for the most intense heat-shielding barrier, withstanding temperatures up to 2000 °F.

The extreme temperature coating is engineered especially for turbos, high-performance diesel and racing applications, and is designed to be applied primarily to exhaust components.

“Due to its unique ceramic nature, the coating also functions as a very effective thermal barrier, with reduced thermal radiation characteristics. The coating cures to a very hard, durable surface with excellent adhesion, and its properties will remain color stable and stain resistant,” said Mike Klinge, KECO President.

Other benefits include withstanding cyclic heating and cooling; reduced tendency of an engine to experience detonation; and protection against corrosion from chemicals, heat and internal exhaust gases.

KECO XL2000 also provides reduced temperature under the hood and on the exhaust manifold surface; improved exhaust gas velocity, resulting in horsepower increase; single-coat coverage with a dry film thickness of .001″ to .0015″; and easy removal of the “chalk-like” appearance that excessive heat over 2000° can cause.