Dunn-Edwards InstaColor® iD is a new color-matching tool that allows professional painters and designers to quickly determine the color of almost any surface. The compact, handheld device is pre-loaded with all 1,996 colors in the brand’s Perfect Palette® color system, and instantly suggests the top three corresponding colors, along with RGB, CMYK, Delta E and Hex color values.

“This is a huge time-saver for pros who are helping their clients get just the right color,” said Sara McLean, color expert for Dunn-Edwards. “Rather than starting their color search by sorting through a big a fan deck, at the press of a button they can determine the best color matches and then go to the fan deck and start sampling.” She points out that while InstaColor iD is highly accurate, Dunn-Edwards always recommends that color samples be applied to the surface being painted and viewed in various light situations.

Users can identify a color anywhere by simply pairing the tool with an app on their iOS or Android device. “It can be used on a previously painted wall or décor item such as a pillow or vase,” McLean added. “With InstaColor iD, you can find coordinating colors, build palettes, and save and share projects.”

The InstaColor iD is available in any Dunn-Edwards store or authorized dealer, and can be ordered online. Learn more here.