WESEL, Germany/SHANGHAI — Two new BYK additives, which have been developed primarily for the printing inks and inkjet inks segment, have won a Ringier Technology Innovation Award. At an award ceremony in Shanghai, special attention was drawn to their groundbreaking wetting properties and broad compatibility in aqueous systems for the graphics and coating industries.

Both additives are silicone surfactants for aqueous systems and bring about not only a significant reduction in surface tension but also improved wetting on highly non-polar substrates without increasing surface slip.

Holger Heilmann, Business Line Manager Industrial Applications at BYK, commented, "Winning the Ringier Innovation Award is a great honor for BYK, as innovations are an integral part of our corporate DNA. The trisiloxane-based additives BYK-3450 and BYK-3451, which were rolled out at the start of 2019, make it much easier for the user to apply even on the most difficult substrates. We are thrilled that the Ringier Award’s jury of experts has recognized and acknowledged this."

Representing BYK, He Jidong, Business Line Manager Paint Additives in China, and Zhou Keyao, End Use Manager Automotive Coatings, accepted the Ringier Technology Innovation Award in the “Coating Industry” category at the ceremony in Shanghai.

Every year since 2006, Ringier Trade Media has honored a selected group of innovators from various industrial sectors in China with the Ringier Technology Innovation Award.